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Monday, August 02, 2004

Jonathan Akebono: Rafin - I'm curious about the church you built - is it still in existence?
Jonathan Akebono: I'm looking for a place to pray in SL
Rafin Grimm: one sec on phone
Jonathan Akebono: k
Rafin Grimm: ok back, sorry.
Jonathan Akebono: hi - yeah I was reading an article in New World Notes about a church you built
Rafin Grimm: actually, i took my church down a while ago. it was just causing a lot more problems than good. and nobody seemed to use it
Jonathan Akebono: Aw, ok
Rafin Grimm: i think it is funny....
Jonathan Akebono: I'm grateful for the info anyway
Rafin Grimm: people like having sex clubs and all that here, but you build a church and it is like you are the biggest jerk in the world hehe
Jonathan Akebono: ah
Rafin Grimm: np, sorry that it wasn't available anymore. maybe one day if enough people want one, i will rebuild it

(I add Rafin to the St. Boniface's Church group)

Rafin Grimm: thanks :)
Jonathan Akebono: Something tells me you're right for the group
Rafin Grimm: thanks :) whats thew group for exactly?
Jonathan Akebono: Just people who want to be part of a church in SL. We don't have meetings or anything.
Jonathan Akebono: But other such groups seem inactive
Rafin Grimm: yeah
Rafin Grimm: I had one too briefly.
Rafin Grimm: wish more people were interested
Jonathan Akebono: Ah
Rafin Grimm: but maybe yours will have better luck
Jonathan Akebono: I'm curious - what was the name of the group you were in?
Rafin Grimm: i forget. i still have my order of the seraphim group for the angels.
Rafin Grimm: and then there was one other church group i think but didn't have many members either
Jonathan Akebono: I was intrigued when I looked at the charter for the Seraphim one
Rafin Grimm: whys that?
Jonathan Akebono: Just love the idea of becoming angels in SL
Rafin Grimm: yeah
Rafin Grimm: the funny part is...
Rafin Grimm: most people seem to almost get mad. its like, they think it is cool you built a church, but don't talk about religion. ya know?
Jonathan Akebono: Sounds like you're hoping for more openness about religion here
Rafin Grimm: i think it would be nice
Jonathan Akebono: I've found this conversation meaningful and I want to share it with others. Would you be willing to let me post it to my blog? (Note that I have a readership of maybe 5)
Rafin Grimm: sure, and if you'd ever like to discuss more, i'd be happy to :)
Jonathan Akebono: Yay!


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