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Monday, August 02, 2004

Jonathan Akebono: Rafin - I'm curious about the church you built - is it still in existence?
Jonathan Akebono: I'm looking for a place to pray in SL
Rafin Grimm: one sec on phone
Jonathan Akebono: k
Rafin Grimm: ok back, sorry.
Jonathan Akebono: hi - yeah I was reading an article in New World Notes about a church you built
Rafin Grimm: actually, i took my church down a while ago. it was just causing a lot more problems than good. and nobody seemed to use it
Jonathan Akebono: Aw, ok
Rafin Grimm: i think it is funny....
Jonathan Akebono: I'm grateful for the info anyway
Rafin Grimm: people like having sex clubs and all that here, but you build a church and it is like you are the biggest jerk in the world hehe
Jonathan Akebono: ah
Rafin Grimm: np, sorry that it wasn't available anymore. maybe one day if enough people want one, i will rebuild it

(I add Rafin to the St. Boniface's Church group)

Rafin Grimm: thanks :)
Jonathan Akebono: Something tells me you're right for the group
Rafin Grimm: thanks :) whats thew group for exactly?
Jonathan Akebono: Just people who want to be part of a church in SL. We don't have meetings or anything.
Jonathan Akebono: But other such groups seem inactive
Rafin Grimm: yeah
Rafin Grimm: I had one too briefly.
Rafin Grimm: wish more people were interested
Jonathan Akebono: Ah
Rafin Grimm: but maybe yours will have better luck
Jonathan Akebono: I'm curious - what was the name of the group you were in?
Rafin Grimm: i forget. i still have my order of the seraphim group for the angels.
Rafin Grimm: and then there was one other church group i think but didn't have many members either
Jonathan Akebono: I was intrigued when I looked at the charter for the Seraphim one
Rafin Grimm: whys that?
Jonathan Akebono: Just love the idea of becoming angels in SL
Rafin Grimm: yeah
Rafin Grimm: the funny part is...
Rafin Grimm: most people seem to almost get mad. its like, they think it is cool you built a church, but don't talk about religion. ya know?
Jonathan Akebono: Sounds like you're hoping for more openness about religion here
Rafin Grimm: i think it would be nice
Jonathan Akebono: I've found this conversation meaningful and I want to share it with others. Would you be willing to let me post it to my blog? (Note that I have a readership of maybe 5)
Rafin Grimm: sure, and if you'd ever like to discuss more, i'd be happy to :)
Jonathan Akebono: Yay!


  • Just recently found the SecondLife website and saw this note in the forums about a church which had gone up, but got taken down. It is rather unfortunate that any institution can be formed within online realms catering to just about any human desire except that of the divine.

    In all honesty, it would be good to see a church rebuilt in the online realm. It is a somewhat disheartening thought to think that in a gameworld called "second life", that there is no church and no religion.

    I hope that those who have thought of building one continues in their thoughts and that in time, those thoughts and desires will manifest themselves in the form of both a church and the community following that it deserves.

    By Blogger Wing Wong, at 8/27/2004 1:19 p.m.  

  • There's actually a beautiful church building in Venice, Bonifacio. It's a peaceful place.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 8/27/2004 2:00 p.m.  

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