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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Elo Preference Ranker

This little tool helps you to rank a list of your preferences by comparing them a pair at a time. Simply paste in a list of items to rank, one per line (e.g., your favorite skills). Then press "Start ranking!". You will then be presented with a pair of items at a time, and you are asked to choose which is better or more important. As you go, the sorted list will appear at the bottom.

It uses the Elo ranking algorithm, which is used to rank chess players based on whether they win/lose/draw against each other. The more pairs you compare, the better. Once you have compared all combinations, the process ends.

What is this good for? Suppose you are buying a home or a car and you have several dozen preferences, and you want to know, which of these are most important to me, and in what order? Or suppose you are working through What Color Is Your Parachute? and you want to sort your list of skills and interests to find your favorite ones. Simply throw your list into the tool and start ranking them.

Input Strings

Enter the strings to rank, one per line. Then press "Start ranking!". You will be presented with pairs of strings - click the button corresponding to which item is more important or better.


Click the button corresponding to which item is more important or better. You can also press "J" for the left item and "L" for the right.

Something. Something else.

You have finished comparing all items!

Sorted Output Strings

The sorted strings are:


  • Hi Jon,

    I love your 2 prioritizing tools.
    But something seems to be wrong with on this page.
    When I prioritize 5 items, the result shows 4-digit numbers: 1638, 1619, 1601, 1582, 1563.

    By Anonymous Robberto, at 5/10/2019 1:32 a.m.  

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