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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New todo-list system: One-Minute Todo List

I was trying a todo-list system called SuperFocus, in which you keep your todos in a notebook, and you must do at least one item on each page before moving on to look at the items on the next page.

But I got frustrated with it because tonight I had 10 minutes to do something from my lists, and I had a ton of important stuff in the last few pages. But because I have to do at least one item on a page before moving to the next page, I was stuck a few pages back on: polish shoes.

That tells me that there is something wrong with this system.

So I'm trying yet another todo-list system. This one is called the One-Minute Todo List. Here is a link to the free e-book PDF. The basic idea is to have three lists:

  • Critical Now (stuff that must be done today). Max 5 items. 
  • Opportunity Now (stuff to do within the next 10 days, when you get an opportunity). Max 20 items. Review daily.
  • Over-The-Horizon (stuff that could be done after 10 days). Unlimited items. Review weekly.
The third, unlimited list scares me a bit - it could get really huge. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

One of the advantages of trying out a new to-do list system is that you can start with an empty list :-)


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