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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Good ways in which to spend free time

Leisure is distinct from play, in that leisure helps you to grow. Here are a list of leisure activities from the book How to Think About the Great Ideas:
…any form of learning; any form of thinking; reading, mainly for the improvement of one’s mind not just to kill time; making things of any kind, from carpentry to the highest form of works of art: writing books, painting pictures, taking photographs, and enjoying works of artConversation, not just chit-chat but conversation whereby one learns something or helps others to learn something. That is leisure. And certainly writing letters, not business letters, but the kind of letters with which one communicates to one’s friends is another form of leisure activity. All the activities of friendship I would call social active leisure. And certainly the things we do in rearing our children provides another form of leisure activity. And then there are the political aspects of leisure, all the duties of citizenship such as voting.


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