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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yublin example: Compressing yesterday's blog post

Below is yesterday's blog post, written in Yublin. It brings the character count from 831 down to 618 – a 25% savings. I also found some cool Yublin compounds: xwing = writing, haxwing = handwriting.

Introducing Yublin (PDF cheatsheet), a cwha f t 600 ms qb ws in t English language. F use in journals, notekg, n xwing novels, j cwha system reduces t ms frequently bz ws to 1- and 2-et combinations ("cwcuts"). Cz convenient, cw fast, n cw fun!

(Kaed in generating Yublin cwcuts f yo language? Use t online fm).

How I generated t list. I started b a list of t 600 ms qb ws in English. I te proceeded to assign 1-et combinations to t ms frequent ws, lw by 2-et combinations f t rs. F t ms frequent ws, t algorithm tries to choose cwcuts h are similar (e.g., t for the, sh for sh, ng for ng). Cwcuts mt save at ls 2 ets, otwise k are discarded (thus th are no cwcuts f 1- n 2-et English ws).

Below are t Yublin cwcuts f t 100 ms qb ws. F t fu 600-wr list, see t cheatsheet (PDF).


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