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Friday, April 06, 2007

(Windows) Really liking the Maxthon 2.0 browser

I'm just really enjoying Maxthon 2.0 beta as my web browser for some reason. It's been my default browser for the past couple of weeks. I love how you can drag a tab to split the window. And it's fast - probably because I haven't been tempted to install extensions; that said, it already comes with a lot of good stuff built in (like Super-Drag-and-Go, which lets you drag on a link to open it as a background tab, or drag selected text to search for it on Google).

I have six bookmarklets:
  • track comments on the current page using CoComment
  • bookmark this page with
  • add this page's feed to Google Reader
  • send this page to a friend with GMail
  • JavaScript Shell for IE
  • copy an image from this page to Flickr

Evidently there are future plans for Maxthon to support both the Gecko and IE rendering engines (currently it's just IE7, which is actually pretty good).


  • hey Jon, glad to hear that you like Maxthon 2.0 ! Would love to hear how we can improve it and make it better. Feel free to contact me directly: netanel (at) maxthon dot com

    By Anonymous Net, at 4/08/2007 12:13 a.m.  

  • Netanel - Thanks! Super job your team is doing.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 4/09/2007 11:22 a.m.  

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