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Saturday, April 02, 2005

A simpler way to identify your interests: Go through the Yellow Pages index

I've talked about a couple of approaches to identifying your interests in an automated way using computer scripts and data on the web.

Well today I came across a low-tech approach to identifying your interests that is also effective: simply go through your Yellow Pages index from Z to A and circle categories that interest you.

Simple, isn't it?

(Credit for that tip goes to Richard Bolles).

The Yellow Pages in my city (Victoria BC Canada) is 12 pages of small print, so it isn't going to take very long. Here's the beginning of my list:
Writers, Wireless Phones, Web Design / Development, Weather Forecast Service, Universities, Tracking Systems, Time Management, Theatrical Makeup, Costume & Design, Theatrical Equipment & Supplies, . . .
It's a really fun exercise and you can learn something about yourself. I recommend that you try it!


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