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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Victoria Weblogger Meetup, March 16

Hi Gang - won't let me contact you individually without paying a fee, so I'm cleverly sending out this group mail, with individual salutations below.

Wil - Are you coming to the March 16 Meetup on Starbucks on Government St.? Your blog says you're in Portland, so I guess not . . .

Ada - Got your message about Wednesday nights not being good. Ah well.

June - Saw your Flickr photostream - I like the snowy photos! Are you interested in joining our Victoria bloggers Starbucks meetup on Wednesday March 16 @ 7PM?

Mavis - I see from your blog that you are currently in Saskatoon. Guess you can't join us for the Victoria Weblogger meetup next Wednesday :-(

Leon - I'll post a comment to your blog reminding you about the meetup.

Laura-Jane - I'll post to your blog too.

Kyle - Been to the site. Love the GeoURL. Come grace us with your presence.

Devilish - You said "I hope you guys aren't too creepy in reality". I hope so too - I haven't met any of these people! Let's find out.

Joet - Come on by and have a caramel macchiato, on me. Just be sure to RSVP at

And finally, MrCheezy - Love the name; looks like you're in Toronto though. Jamais la première cigarette.

OK , so when you arrive at Starbucks, look for the group congregating around the big orange Blogger sign. I'm going to make up this big sign (well, the size of a piece of paper anyway) and it's going to have a big orange B on it, just like the logo at But only we, only WE, will know what that B stands for. Mwa ha ha ha! [end evil laugh]


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