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Friday, March 04, 2005

Using Firefox to enhance Microsoft Web Outlook

I like to review my workplace's Microsoft Outlook @WaitingFor folders on Friday nights, as part of my GTD weekly review. I use Outlook's Web interface to access my mail. Its user interface is not bad, but it's not great. I want to review each email in the @WaitingFor folder and optionally move it to a Processed folder. But after moving an email, if I press the Down icon to move to the next email, I sometimes get Page Not Found errors. To work around these errors, I click Folders, then click the @WaitingFor folder, then attempt to find the next email in the list that I haven't opened ... quite a tedious process.

Until now. Today I realized that Firefox and its wonderful tabs would help me in a big way. Now I just middle-click every email in my @WaitingFor folder. This opens each email in a new tab. Now I just deal with each email, then close the tab. Thanks Firefox!


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