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Thursday, February 24, 2005

How long do you spend reading blogs each day?

OK, I'm going to try a little experiment. It's 7:33 PM, and it's time to start reading the feeds from my various information sources. Let's see when I finish - I expect it to be an hour.

7:56 PM. Just finished my first (and largest) information source -- Populicious, which is delicious/popular sliced a bit differently. In humanspeak it's a list of what websites are popular today. Next: the regular delicious/popular feed -- 69 posts.

8:03 PM. Meh -- a lot of 'em are the same as Populicious. Time to move on to CNet (40 posts), Slashdot (29 posts), and the rest of the goodies.

8:18 PM. Hm! Read an interesting article on Google's new movie search (keyword: movie). Look out, Rotten Tomatoes!

8:22 PM. Just getting into the tail end of my feeds now. Plus there are a dozen Firefox tabs that I've opened for the links I've come across - I'll be getting to those presently.

8:34 PM. OK, finished all my Bloglines feeds. And whaddya know, an hour and a minute, right on the money.


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