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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hm ... Is this Meetup going to work out?

I don't know, folks, I don't know. I have received one RSVP and it was a No - well, it was a kindly worded No from Ada: "Sorry, Wednesday nights are not good.". True, it's only been a day, and there's a few weeks yet. But I don't want to be the only one sitting in Starbucks under the big orange Blogger sign that I'm planning to make up.

Well fine. If none of you people want to show up, then I'll make sure to bring a book, and I shall read TS Eliot under the big orange Blogger sign, sipping my caramel macchiato all by myself.

I tried visiting a few of your blogs --,,,, -- but a bunch of you are out of town in Saskatoon or Las Vegas. And a whole bunch of you haven't posted your blog url's, so I couldn't check them out. Please do!!

Anyway, I hope somebody, SOMEBODY, will join me for a cuppa at Starbucks on Government on March 16. Oh and they have to know what blogging is.



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