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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Axim as Podcast Recording Station

Podcasting is the creation of internet radio shows that people can download onto their iPods or PDAs as MP3 files.

The great thing about the Axim is that it has a built-in microphone. So not only can it function as a podcast receiver - it can also be your very own podcast recording station.

I'm planning to use NoteM (freeware MP3 recorder) to record some podcasts (radio programs) when I'm waiting for the bus, or sitting at McDonald's, or what have you.

And here are a couple of tricks I have come up with so far for creating podcasts on my Axim:

1. For your radio show intro and exit, there are nine good-sounding free music loops here: Having these musical fillers at key points in your podcast can give it a professional touch.

2. To add this music to your podcast on the fly, have one of them playing over and over using GSPlayer (freeware MP3 player), then to "fade it in", skooch your earbud over the Axim microphone. Don't set the volume too loud, as the Axim mike is quite sensitive.


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