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Saturday, January 01, 2005

1-star freeware for Palm and Pocket PC - Comments

Recently I posted lists of FreewarePalm and FreewarePPC software sorted by user ratings. It's kind of funny to read the comments for the worst-rated programs -- the 1-star programs:

  • This skin crashed my Pocket PC, I made a soft reset and I lost all the data and config, never seen anything like this before, thank god I make a backup in the flash every week.
  • When a coutdown is started and you leave the programme the coutdown stops and everything is set back to programmerss settings! So there is no countdown for users settings. Only use your PDA for the countdown for 365 days, so do not bother downloding it it is a waste of time! Just like the other countdown it does not work!
  • Not ready for prime-time. Great concept but it kept freezing. I had to nuke it to close it. After I ended the program, the Pocket PC continued working just fine. I would recommend only if bugs are fixed.
  • Cannot capture screen if the task bar is not visible. Which happens quite often unless you're looking at the today screen.
  • Dont't work with any program installed on my PocketPC 2003, example PocketWord, Note, etc.
  • Good idea, but... doesn't work with a handspring visor, shucks
  • Crashed my palms screen.
  • I thought this was going to be a funny game but when I downloaded it I was terribly wrong. All you do is sit and hit the buttons until the number is up to 300. DEFINATELY not the best app out there.
  • Strippers cost $5 a pop. Not freeware at all. If you don't buy the $5 stripper you get constant advertising.
  • This is a peice of shirt. It will jam your palm and you can't do anything about.....
  • Sorry, It´s a english version - please send me the german - thanks!
  • Conversion mistakes in some currencies. Not trustworthy yet. However, the concept is ok.
  • Hi. I Downloades this Program Hoover's Wireless, to my Visor. When I went to delete the program I cant find it in my list of programs in my PDA. I was woundering if you can Help me out. Plus when I click on the program nothing happens. Please respond by email (, thank you.
  • My Palm Vx crashes when running this program.
  • I checked this program out, seems really nice to encrypt backups on my SD card, but after editing the "crypted" file with a binary editor, I found that the password is actually found at the head of the file. Unfortunately "crypted" does not "encrypted". The file could easily be recovered by almost anyone.
  • Not able to hot syn to PDA version 3.1.
  • Doesn't work. The program has merit and may find a place on my plam, however, I put in 5 pennies and 2 fives and got $7 ?!?!? Keep trying....
  • It recognized my existing DOC files when I installed in but it erased them all when I deleted it.
  • Creates fatal errors when installed on a T|T, making it go into a loop.
  • Doesn't work for Visor Platinum with Palm OS 3.5.2. You get a S25UtilEN version OS30 instead OS35. And it doesn't work at all.
  • Attempted to run this program on my Palm Zire- crashed with fatal error saying my device does not support the necassary colour depth
  • Crashes the moment it's activated.
  • Fatal exeption on my Zire. Everything installed but I got the error.
  • Does not respond and freezes up inconsistently.
  • Got an error 5 message
  • I did not install this program because the instructions say that it will "disrupt" the functioning of programs that already support the jog dial. Since many programs support the jog dial and are not listed on their filter list I do not want to risk disrupting my jog happy software.
  • It's called 'England' yet it features the *UK* flag and the *UK* national anthem. England's flag is the red cross of St George, Someone give the boy a history lesson!
  • I see only 19 records in this database. Obviously something is missing. Otherwise its excellent!!
  • It doesn't work. When you hit the move done button, the timer keeps going for the same player. The Moves counter never increments. Once the timer reaches 0, it just stops. Player 2 timer never even starts.
  • It keeps looking for a "d" drive which I don't have.
  • Instead of killing ants it just attracted them to my Clie. I guess ants like my Clie too!
  • UMMMM, InfraChat 5 is way better my friend, but keep working on it.
  • It's a mystery exactly what this program does. One thing it did do was erase the registration codes in several of my programs. I had to reregister them.
  • I thought there was a "contrast" option on the palm :-)
  • The graphics on this look great, which is unfortunate, considering it doesn't function on my Zire 71. It runs for about 2 seconds and then freezes. Too bad.
  • After downloading this application my PalmVx freezes untill now. Many times of Hard Resets/Soft Resets could not revive my PalmVx even the application had been deleted from the hard disk. The problem now is after performing a Hard Reset it becomes normal but freezes at "Preference" after a Soft Reset. Could you please help me?
  • Peachy. A screen blacker in _19 KB_!!!
  • It never seems to end synchronizing. In other words it does not work for my m500.
  • Can we have a version with the date format dd/mm/yy used by many around the world. Thanks :)
  • Could not use with the iSilo program.
  • Unfortunately -at least on my PalmV, palmos 3.1- all screens are mixed up. I'm awaiting an update to be able to rate this app!
  • The games are one day off of the true schedule. There is no application icon to delete in order to eliminated the distracting and incorrect game dates.
  • Oh crap! Its just the US of American anthem.
  • It may be my setup, but this program is buggy! With extensive testing I've determined that this program was responsible for several problems on my Handera 330 when setting it to run an application on CF controlled by AutoCard.
  • I should have known by its category filing that this is a useless "fun"(?) toy not a serious product. Still the author's description is pure deception. It will lead you to doubt whether other author's descriptions is also true. Download only if you want a useless piece of junk. Still do try the author's other apps (Illusion 1 & 2) as they are really fun toy. Not this one.
  • This program takes up only 4K - but it needs an 88K runtime to work! I could paste the text into my memo pad and it wouldn't even take up 1K of space.
  • This economic terms dictonary does not have 1,000 entries as far as I can make out, only one - Works' councils!
  • All I see is black screens with "Main" and "Nex" buttons when I press on an album name. I use a Palm m105
  • Great concept but the website doesn't exist
  • Downloaded this giant -sized bible, hoping it would help with ministry but it keeps giving fatal error messages and forces me to reset! Could someone fix the bug?


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