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Saturday, December 18, 2004

OK so I'm going to decide on purchasing MessagEase rather than Fitaly. Figured out how to decrease my chance of error - increase the sliding distance to 20 pixels.

I just love the design of MessagEase -- Fitt's law, no modes, all characters, numbers, and punctuation are on the screen. Not like Fitaly, which seems to have had punctuation and numbers bolted on at the last minute. It would be nice if it had visual feedback like Fitaly, but I can live without it.

And hey, it's cheaper than Fitaly by ten bucks!

Part of what got me hooked on MessagEase was the free Palm version. So now that I've moved on to Pocket PC, I'm willing to spend money on it.

Now all MessagEase needs are some serious contenders for the Dom Perignon title!


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