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Monday, December 13, 2004

Looking back over the past year

1.1 Significant achievements since last review

· Article published on front page of Slashdot (widely read online technology magazine), 12 August 2004: “Online Replacements for Desktop Apps?”

· Web-scraping work featured in Jim Karpen's Web Guide, a popular column on PDA technology: “Pocket PC user Jon Aquino got the idea that it would be great if the site’s listing of programs could be sorted by rating, so that one could see the most popular programs...”

· Letter of commendation from Mike Wardell (MSRM): “I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the dedication and professional manner in which Jon Aquino handled this weekend's Tantalis/LRDW refresh…” (26 October 2004)

1.2 Skill enhancement or training since last review

· Nonviolent Communication. Video workshops and book. Focuses on identifying everybody's needs and trying to get everybody's needs met.

· Getting Things Done. Audio and book. A workflow for effective task management.

· Emerging technologies, including:

o blogs -

o RSS newsfeeds –

o desktop search -

o Groovy scripting language. I have contributed a number of examples to the Groovy community -

1.3 Career goals

· I want to be a highly sought-after expert in cutting-edge internet and programming technologies.

1.4 Goals for upcoming review period

· Experiment with new programming tools, libraries, and other technologies that appear in 2005

· Continue to practice soft skills: Nonviolent Communication and the GTD workflow management methodology

· Stay current through daily reading of news feeds:

o General technology news: CNET, Cool Tools,, James Strachan's Weblog, Jeremy Zawodny's blog, Jesse Ruderman, Many-to-Many, Robin Good's Latest News, Slashdot, Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs

o GTD workflow management methodology: 43 Folders, David Allen, Getting Things Done Forum

o Windows Mobile (PDAs): Aximsite, Engadget, Gizmodo, GTD PPC, jkOnTheRun, Pocket PC Addict, Pocket PC magazine, Pocket PC Thoughts,

o Programming: Cafe au Lait Java News and Resources, Erik's Linkblog, Joel on Software, Otaku, Cedric's weblog


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