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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yahoo! News - Faster, Smaller, Better

Yahoo! News - Faster, Smaller, Better: "Shortcut menus (Pocket PC): You can display the applications you want on the Start menu by going to Start, Settings, Menus and checking the items you want and unchecking the ones you don't. You can do the same on the New menu, which appears on the bottom left of the desktop. Similarly, by tapping the Today icon in the Settings window, you can customize what appears on the Today screen, which by default shows unread messages, tasks, appointments, and date.

Shortcut buttons (Pocket PC): The dedicated buttons on your device don't have to launch the apps that Microsoft defaults to. Go to Start, Settings, Buttons and assign the app you want for each button. The number of customizable buttons will vary by the particular Pocket PC model you own."


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