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Monday, November 08, 2004

What stands out as the most important qualities?

* tools that help me to control my environment / infospace, to do the difficult with ease
* freedom to create when and only when inspired
* surprise manoeuvers; risking being in unorthodox spaces to learn or to do more effectively
* basic needs met; no anxiety about basic needs
* saving people in distress; rooting for the underdog
* playing with / evaluating the latest toys/gadgets/ideas/books considered "cool"
* being with people who share an interest in the above.

special talents:
= using tools/gadgets/ideas/methodologies to their full potential
= creativity and boldness to try unorthodox, high-risk high-return approaches; seeing hidden potential; seeing hidden pain

i.e.: using old tools/ideas that have been proven; using new tools/ideas with promise; wanting people with big needs to get their needs met

"share tools" => "spread good ideas, old and new"



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