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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tom - when I give you the PDA ...

... note: don't remove the batteries when the PDA is on; otherwise you
will lose all your data.

I will also be giving you PureEnergy rechargeable *alkaline*
batteries. Unlike NiCad's which last longer if you drain them before
recharging, rechargeable alkalines last longer if you recharge them
often. I recommend that you recharge the batteries daily.

If I forget, remind me to give you the PDA cradle too, so you can
connect it to your internet.

There's lots of stuff I can teach you about this PDA if you want:
- how to customize the buttons to activate the programs of your choice
- how to download your favourite websites to the PDA every night,
including the Victoria weather forecast and science news
- where to find free programs that you can download onto the PDA e.g.
units converters
- ..........


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