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Saturday, November 06, 2004

THE GOOGLE OS is coming together, gradually, unawares, and is turning out to be quite different from its predecessor, the desktop.

Microsoft Word => Blogger. In the online world, the blog is the word processor. You can do many traditional word processing activities, like formatting (bold, italics, color, centering, bullets, spellcheck) and printing (Blogger's Preview feature looks quite good on hard copy). and work well on the side (especially as bookmarklets in your Firefox sidebar). You can do a lot of word processing without leaving your browser. And the blog takes word processing to the next level: editable from anywhere, viewable by the world, comments, ...

Powerpoint => Blogger. By increasing the font size and using bullets and images, you can make a passable slideshow (again, use Blogger's Preview feature to hide your sidebars and the other parts of your blog). You can create your slideshow without leaving your browser (see Paintbrush, below). And the blog takes powerpoint to the next level: editable from anywhere, viewable by the world, comments, ...

Hard Drive => Blogger/GMail. The blog is the hard drive -- all your drawings, reports, letters, slideshows can go in there. For privacy, or for actual file storage, you can use your 1 GB GMail account.

Paintbrush => Flickr. The promise of the Google OS hit home to me yesterday when I was able, without leaving my browser, to create a drawing and save it to my blog, all without leaving my browser. It took a few steps, but it shows that it can be done today:
  1. Draw something in then press the Save button
  2. Capture the image with the Flickr bookmarklet
  3. Post the image to Blogger from within Flickr.


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