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Monday, November 22, 2004

Aximsite - Guide: DVD to avi the easy way (with deinterlacing)

Aximsite - Guide: DVD to avi the easy way (with deinterlacing): "Okay I figured I'd also share my DVD to avi method with you guys since some of you are having troubles... This is what I do to get dvds to an avi so I can use virtualdub and convert to an axim usable format. After you use this guid, you still have to use the other guide to reconvert for the axim. This method is slow I know, but it allows you get deinterlace and get subtitles,choose audio tracks pretty easily and not have to rip vobs off of dvds. It allows direct DVD in your drive to AVI files etc. If someone has a faster/better/easier way please post."


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