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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Aximsite - Favorite Freebies

Aximsite - Favorite Freebies: "I can't believe this thread has gotten this far without the mention of PocketPutty. For those who don't know PocketPutty is a WM2003 port of Putty for Windows (Putty is a Windows openSSH client). Now all we need is a PocketPC X server...

My other favorite freeware are:
ftxPBrowser (minimoz - the mozilla port doesn't seem to be going anywhere),
PocketConsole w/ PocketCMD(a DOS shell),
Vinyl (use your PDA as a remote for Winamp),
GSPlayer (a music player, great for Shoutcast),
VTI Pocket Emulator (emulate your TI calculator - TI offers a free program to extract your ROM)
TotalCommander (think Norton Commander for the PDA)
VNC View (A VNC client for remote desktop control)

All these programs can be found via a smrt google query. Some other nice, small, free files are NetUse and PocketDHCP."


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