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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Who do you think you are?

Answering this question is the first exercise in Barbara Sher's =

I'm one of 5-billion people on planet Earth in the year 2004. I have 27 =
years of life behind me, and maybe 50 more to go. There are few things I =
like better than: reading reviews and comparing features before making a =
choice (books, pens, board games, programming languages); improving =
myself (exercising in a fun way, listening to self-help audiobooks, =
reading poetry), spending time with close family (having Dave over for a =
visit), telling others about cool tips I come across (clever and useful =
websites), creating knowledge that is useful to myself or others =
(computer script to automate some part of my life, or a competently =
produced technical document, or a statistical comparison of board =
games), trying out new technologies and methodologies (the Groovy =
programming language, the Getting Things Done methodology, the Extreme =
Programming methodology). Phew!


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