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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Twenty Things I Like To Do

  1. Hacky-Sack with friends, engaging in a long rally with amazing saves
  2. Read news about free, useful websites and software that increase my control over information
  3. Read about/listen to/implement ways of organizing my time, my space, and my life
  4. Share a meal with my family
  5. Create computer programs that are likely to impress people with their clarity and power
  6. Produce technical documents that are likely to impress people with their professional appearance
  7. Read reviews about new board games available in local stores
  8. Produce music at church with competence and flair so that the people feel inspired
  9. Scratch the surface of the inner workings of amazing ideas in mathematics (e.g. the Mandelbrot set, Godel's theorem, Russell's paradox about sets)
  10. Spreading the hype about things that I find "cool" -- websites, methodologies, books, board games
  11. Connecting with people from the past: reading my illustrated World History; reading the works of English poets down the centuries.
  12. Spending a day at the library.
  13. Creating a scrapbook of photos, essays, calendar-entries, and journal-entries from Mom's return to school.
  14. Working through exercises to gain insight into my personality, preferences, values, and mission
  15. Creating captions for the photos I upload to my blog
  16. Watching an acclaimed, artistic film that teaches the soul
  17. Taking a trip down memory lane: reviewing old photo albums.
  18. Writing a computer script that automates some aspect of my online life e.g. a Ruby script to choose the next bible passage to be read aloud from
  19. Eating food I like: ice cream, natchos with cheese, fettucini, wonton soup, Reese peanut butter cups, crisp meat burritos
  20. Purchasing and trying out a new electronic gadget e.g. digital camera, PDA keyboard, cell phone.


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