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Monday, October 11, 2004

There are some themes running through this cornucopia of information.
  • Family is important: mom, dad, bro.
  • There is the search for meaning and purpose, as well as connection with history. Vehicles: poetry, religion, history, film. Reviewing old photos helps me to reconnect with my personal history. And what about my place in Filipino and Canadian cultures? In my family tree?
  • The need for Play is represented by board games. But that's all. When I was a child, this was a huge part of my life: toys, Nintendo, staging mock rescues, the neighbourhood detective agency. These were the embryos of vocations. But the one that was watered and nurtured the most was . . .
  • Computers and technology. I have had a lifelong fascination with electronic gadgets and especially with PC's. Today they allow me to enjoy a great degree of control over my "information space".
  • Sharing tips. I love sharing tips with people. "Tips" is too small a word -- I love to get excited about new tools and ideas, and I love getting other people excited over them. I love "the hype". I love comparing the pros and cons of things, reading reviews: books, movies, board games, pens, digital cameras.
  • There is definitely a part of me that is very visual -- designing and organizing workspaces and theater sets, producing statistical graphics, drawing comic books and reading them. Both left-brain and right-brain visual.
  • There is a musical part of me, but it has been steadily dying over the past decade for some reason.
  • For want of a better term, I need to "dance", literally. I need to move in amazingly balanced, Bruce-Lee-ish ways. Today I express myself in this way through Hacky Sack; in the past I have done so through floor hockey, volleyball, and mountain biking.
  • And I like to do "impressive" things. I love doing things so well that people are impressed -- or if there's nobody around, I love impressing myself. Doing things so professionally, so unexpectedly well -- I sit back and look upon my work with relish. In a word, competence!
I will summarize these these threads of my life as follows:
  • Mom, Dad, and bro
  • Remember where you came from and where you're going
  • Play
  • I love technology
  • Spread the hype
  • Say it with pictures
  • Impress!


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