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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Reviewing the 20 things that I like to do (below), I see that Hacky Sack is a very important balancing activity in my life. Unlike the other 19 activities, Hacky Sack is the only one that is outdoors, fast-paced, and physical.

Patterns: The things I like to do tend to be free. While I mostly like to do things alone (reading news), there are some things that I like to do with others (e.g. spreading hype about things I like).

My favourite things tend to be unplanned. Some things are job-related (writing impressive computer programs), but most are not (spending a day at the library). Almost all of the activities are slow-paced and indoors, with zero physical risk.

Like my dad, I like self-improvement books and tapes, trying out new electronic gadgets, and spending a day at the library.

Like my mom, I like creating photo captions and doing impressive things.


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