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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Plan for teaching Taj Mahal rules

(Based on "The Finer Points of Teaching Rules" by Mario Lanza)

Set up the board and components.

One-Liner. (Less than a minute.) "We will be visiting the provinces of India, and at each province we will be competing for two things: goods and palaces. The more goods you have, the higher your score will be. And the more connections between palaces, the higher your score will be."

Overview. (1 to 3 minutes.)
  • Core Rules & Mechanics. Bid in a circle for 6 things. Stop anytime. Take what you have the most of.
  • Scoring. Leaders => palaces => score connected provinces (example). Elephants => goods => score cumulatively (example). Game-end scoring: white cards, majority-colour cards (example).
  • Chronology. Visit province 1. Bid in a circle for the six things. Visit province 2. Bid in a circle for the six things. etc.
  • Game end. After visiting province 12. Final scoring.

  • Coloured or Coloured + White (wild). Same colour.
  • On stop: Score connected provinces. Score goods cumulatively. Take 2 face-ups.
  • If stop immediately: Take top card + 2 face-ups.
  • Exchange leaders for special cards
  • Crown
  • Agra: +4
  • Bonus tiles
  • Special cards: meanings; how they return to your hand.


Tips (1 or 2 minutes.)
  • Elephants are important (cumulative scoring) (show)
  • Connections are important (show)
  • Concentrate on 1 or 2 colours when picking up cards (show)
  • Don't overspend -- save for the future (show)


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