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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Outline for teaching the Wildlife rules

(Based on "The Finer Points of Teaching Rules" by Mario Lanza)

Set up the board and components.

One-Liner. (Less than a minute.) "Each of us will be a different species, like Mammoth, Crocodile, or Bird. We will be moving, growing, and attacking -- the bigger someone is, the more points they get."

Overview. 1 to 3 minutes. Demonstrate with examples.
  • Core Rules & Mechanics. The 6 terrains. Turn: Play/Auction 3 cards. Play abilities. Migrate once for free. Buy 1 point for 3 foods. Finally: Refresh to 10 cards. Card types: Do terrain action, Upgrade terrain action, Take ability, Wild card. Terrain actions: Migrate, Expand, Attack.
  • Scoring. Small scoring (trigger). Big scoring (trigger).
  • Chronology. Take turns clockwise until a region is filled up for the first time, at which point we do a small scoring.
  • Game end. (1) 11th scoring occurs (2) Someone places their last creature

Details. Demonstrate with examples.
  • Turn - Actions may be performed in any order.
  • Auction - At least one card must be auctioned. Min bid 3. Winner plays card immediately. Can buy 3 foods for 1 point.
  • Take Ability - Use once per turn. Max 2 per type. If necessary, take from another player (most points)
  • Migrating "through" a group.
  • Attack - Requires terrain to be filled.

Exceptions. Demonstrate with examples.
  • Play - If terrain action is "No Action", discard.
  • Auction - If no bids, discard. Can move below 0.
  • Scoring multiple herds - no tie penalty

Tips (1 or 2 minutes.)


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