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Monday, October 11, 2004

In what imaginary environment would my best self emerge?

Firstly, money is not a concern. The house is paid for, and the Green =
Party has won the election, so everything is free: food, electricity, =
internet access, telephone, etc. The Bay gets rid of its cashiers, but =
the cashiers don't mind because everything is free anyway.

I sit on a beach in France, writing software on my top-of-the-line =
iBook. I'm one of the famous geeks in the world, very in touch with the =
pulse of the internet, writing software that impresses people with its =
Cooper/Tufte/Norman-inspired user interfaces and GoF/Fowler-inspired =
architecture, written in the current "cool" programming language, like =
Groovy or Ruby. I code when I feel like it -- when inspiration strikes. =
Other times you might find me hacky-sacking, listening to an audiobook, =
or comparing reviews for board games or electronic gadgets.

I am a renowned expert in data visualization and finding patterns in =
information, a highly sought after consultant to IBM and Google.

I call Mom up on my PDA/cell-phone. She says she's in Iraq. We agree to =
meet at home in Victoria in eight hours. Dave and I will pick you up in =
the SUV (BMW), I say.


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