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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Would you add me to victoriabloggers?

Hi Jodie:

I'm proud to live in this great city. Would you add my blog to victoriabloggers?

Also, it would be cool if instead of just a list of blog names there
were a little description (or excerpt or last post) beside each one so
I could decide which to read. Maybe also a picture (perhaps scraping
the first image from the blog).

Actually, now that I mention it, the last post would be really
interesting. And it might not be too difficult -- haven't used
Bloglines much but that would probably be an easy way to make a digest
of recent blog entries by Victoria bloggers. You might want to replace
your blogroll with a Bloglines feed.

Also, here's a list of 40 more Victoria Bloggers. Note how the
pictures really add interest to the list:


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