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Monday, July 19, 2004

What's better than the BlogThis bookmarklet ...

... is a mail-to bookmarklet that opens your mail client, sticks your
email-to-blog address in the Bcc, the page title in the Subject, and
the link in the body. The advantage of using your email client is that
you can add your friends' addresses to notify them of this cool link.
And a really cool thing you can also use MIT's mail2news email address
to post to Usenet newsgroups! (more info here:

I call this LinkSpraying -- you simultaneously spray a cool link to
your friends, your blog, a mailing list, and a Usenet newsgroup.

Email is the glue of the web!

I've actually written this bookmarklet for myself and it works with my
GMail account (based on Adam Mathe's GMail-It bookmarklet


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