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Friday, April 30, 2004

This is a stab at a mission statement, written in Sept 2003. It takes the form of an obituary that I'd hoped to have written about me when my years finally come to an end. Stuff I like: "gratitude to God", "enrich the lives of the people he met on the way", "source of strength for his mother".

Obituary – Jonathan Aquino. Born February 15, 1977. Died August 18, 2040.

Jon determined that his mission was to live a life of gratitude to God, and to continually seek ways to enrich the lives of the people he met on the way.

Jon was the music director of Sacred Heart Church in Victoria BC for nearly four decades. He helped generations of parishioners to pray their joys, pains, and hopes through song.

Since childhood, Jon had a passion for computer programming. He programmed many computer systems that helped Canadian businesses and governments to achieve their goals. Jon also assembled over a hundred personal computers to give to people free of charge.

Jon deeply cared for his family and friends, and was easy to laugh with, confide in, and approach for help. He was a source of strength for his mother Elvira, his father Frank, his brother Dave, his sister-in-law Pam, and his other family and good friends: Victor, Ninang Lou, Betta, Samuel, Tadahiko, Yong-Ho, Takeshi, Hyun-Pil, Katsuhiro, Carlos, Corinne, Dale, Alan, Nick.


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