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Friday, April 30, 2004

Over the next few weeks (months?) I want to start hashing out a new mission statement. Rather than come up with one overnight, I'll be blogging various things that I want to go into it -- I'm hoping that there will be a point of culmination when I can finally coalesce all the ideas into a cohesive statement.

Some things I know I want in there: people who don't have what they need (food, clothing, and a home, especially), NVC stuff including the idea of "making life wonderful", Covey's stuff, ...

One of Stephen Covey's mission-statement exercises is to visualize your own funeral, three years from now, and listen to what the eulogists say about you. I tried this for a few minutes, and the first speaker is my mom. Among the things she said was that I was the best son in the world (with Dave), and also that I was very gentle, and very supportive of her endeavours.


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